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  1. taikhoanbds12
  2. taikhoanbds12
  3. nhu388suong
  4. nhu388suong
  5. Jonathan Wheat
    Jonathan Wheat
    filled with wonder and excitement, my printer just arrived
  6. Greed835
    Greed835 Matthias Peschek
    Hey could you help me with E3D Titan and E3D V6 hotend firmware and setups information Website version printer? Need help with steps for motor and firmware settings.
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    3. Greed835
      My current firmware settings are working currently with the adjustments of the manual z position to 253 for E3DV6 Hotend installed, and change the ESTEPS on LCD to 425. Which it seems to work but may need to be adjusted since print is not having sharp layers. Blobs are occuring more often, should temperature and other cura settings be adjusted as well?
      Oct 16, 2016
    4. Greed835
      Could you supply me with your best cura settings and what version of cura works great at the moment?
      Oct 16, 2016
    5. Matthias Peschek
      Matthias Peschek
      Sure I can. Didn't I post my profile somewhere?

      I'm not at home right now. But I think I uploaded to google drive or Dropbox.
      Let me look it up.
      Nov 12, 2016
  7. Mike Harmon
    Mike Harmon
    Waiting on a new printer... patience is a good thing. =)
  8. Sean Maker
    Sean Maker
    I am new on 3d Printer
  9. Phemto
    Still tweaking in search of my first print.
  10. kylejdyck
    Counting down the days until the Delta Go gets going!
  11. kylejdyck
    Counting down the days until the Delta Go!
  12. torsti76
    Waiting for the replacement PT100 temperature sensor...
  13. Marcio Teixeira
    Marcio Teixeira
    Just a deltaprintr user.
  14. Greed835
    I have finally got my Deltaprintr WB Version, up and running smoothly with various types of modifications!
  15. Matthias Peschek
    Matthias Peschek pierlusconi
    You're the first one following me. Can I help you somehow?
  16. 73mmhearse
    Human Popsicle
  17. Marcio Ambrosio
  18. Marcio Teixeira
    Marcio Teixeira
    My Portuguese is rusty. Do you speak English?
  19. Marcio Ambrosio
    Marcio Ambrosio Marcio Teixeira
    Ola Marcio Teixeira,
    Gostaria de trocar algumas duvidas contigo..
  20. Old Guy
    Old Guy
    Printed a cooling fan shroud, waiting for an ordered fan to arrive