Broken SD Card module - replace screen unit?

Discussion in 'Assembly' started by jgalak, Nov 30, 2017.

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    Mar 11, 2014
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    I managed to break off the SD card connector on my Kickstarter printer. The connector is a small SMD-mounted clip, and despite best efforts I've not been able to hand-solder it back on. Is there a fix for it?

    I see that the entire front panel module is a Panucatt Devices Mini Viki LCD unit. Any chance Deltaprintr has a spare unit to sell me? Or can I just buy a new one from Panucatt ( and plug it in? Or does it require extensive programming and configuration?

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    Apr 20, 2014
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    When you get it fixed, have a look at an adapter.
    This was sourced from Ebay. And I shortened the cable but that was tricky.

    One mod that I like is the WiFi SD card. Now I just move files to the Deltaprintr via the browser. Have a look at the Toshiba FlashAir mod that is mentioned in this thread...
    I use this and it is quite good.

    Even if you just go with the adapter, then you can use an SD card, not a MicroSD and no longer stress the tiny socket.
    I have the SD card socked glued to the front panel of the Deltaprintr.


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