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    I've been printing from SD-Card for quite a time. I usually used to print via the on_boot.gcode file.

    Here on the bottom of the page at "printing from a sd card" it says:

    a) Save the file onto the SD card inside the ‘Prints’ folder. We recommend saving it in this folder to keep it separate from the main config files so you don’t accidentally overwrite them or delete them. Then you can open up Pronterface and type in the command input field @play /sd/Prints/FILENAME.gcode where FILENAME is the name of your gcode file. Note that upper/lower case is sensitive. Wait until the first layer starts printing before un-mounting the MicroSD card and disconnecting the USB cable from the printer. If you disconnect before it starts printing, you may cause the printer to stop working and will have to restart the print.​

    I'm using the latest firmware (where also the sd-card isn't any longer automatically mounted to the pc). here the @play /sd/Prints/FILENAME.gcode doesn't work for me.

    I usually use the following:
    M32 Prints/FILENAME.gcode
    This works just fine for me. The M32 automatically refers to the sd card so there is no need to put iit in the path. I'm not sure if I'm the only one who had this problem but maybe you want to add/update/replace this information to the getting started page?
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    Yes M32 works as well. We have it on the support page, but for auto-calibration. We will update it.

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